Gourmand and Vegan: A Love Story

Not the greatest photo, but this is the beginning of our vegan adventure.
Not the greatest photo, but this is the beginning of our vegan adventure.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know that I’m a true foodie, someone who loves flavors and tastes and experimenting with all kinds of foods. And, I’m part-time Paleo. My 18-year-old daughter is vegan. But we have one thing in common – we both LOVE food – good, tasty, exotic food. My daughter is very strict about her diet so she fiercely researches for unique vegan restaurants when traveling (sometimes I think she chooses destinations solely on the availability of vegan restaurants alone).

We recently ventured out on a college tour through Georgia and North Carolina and I had already agreed to let her choose all of the dining spots. And while I do love my bacon, I was not opposed to this vegan adventure. I must say, we had some of the most creative, flavorful meals in these tiny and eclectic vegan restaurants than I’ve had in Michelin star restaurants. [tweetthis]Vegan travels: we had creative, flavorful meals in these eclectic vegan restaurants[/tweetthis] I find that people who create vegan menus and vegan recipes are not afraid to experiment with bold spices and odd combinations of ingredients. [tweetthis]people who create vegan recipes are not afraid to experiment w/bold spices and odd combinations[/tweetthis] And there is true passion and handcrafted perfection that goes in to preparing these meals.

In this next series, I’ll highlight some of the vegan restaurants where we ate and the vegan recipes we enjoyed in Savannah, Asheville, Boone and back in St. Augustine.

Kayak Kafe

Kayak Kafe Savannah
Kayak Kafe Savannah

We spend a lot of time in Savannah. It’s our little family escape when we need to recharge and feel an urban vibe. And every trip, we visit the [tweetthis]Kayak Kafe, a cute little bistro in the lobby of the hipster gym right on Broughton Street[/tweetthis].

My daughter always opts for the Superfood Side Salad with farro, quinoa, cous cous, sweet corn, black beans, and fresh herbs. I usually get fish tacos, but on this last trip, I opted for something non-vegan since I knew what was in store for me in coming days. I ordered the Lime Chicken and Goat Cheese Enchiladas filled with caramelized onions, topped with avocado salsa crema and melted Monterey jack cheese. served with organic greens tossed in cilantro-lime vinaigrette. (I forgot to shoot a photo – must get better at this!).

So I guess I failed at my first test as a vegan. I opted for something on the menu that was clearly not animal product-free. But stay with me on this adventure, because what’s in store for me next are vegan-only menus!

Coming up next: Asheville

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