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A Toast to Travel: Tuscany Food and Wine Trips

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A Toast to Travel is proud to announce the launch of two new travel experiences, offering uniquely curated wine and cooking-focused trips throughout Tuscany. Catering to travel enthusiasts, wine lovers, foodies and adventurers alike, A Toast to Travel is a one-stop-shop for those who want to truly live like a local but may not have the time or knowledge to experience a destination from a deeply rooted “insider” perspective.

After living in Italy and researching, scouting the best regional offerings and meeting with local purveyors, winemakers, chefs, innkeepers, villa owners and residents, co-founders John Helling and Natalie Mosallam are experts on crafting richly authentic trips that are steeped in local flavor. Be it their Tuscan Wine and Culture or Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun experience, each of the week-long hosted trips boasts activities with those “in the know,” showcasing a collection of one-of-a-kind experiences that provide a passport to true Italian local life.

Tuscany travel“John and I both lived in various parts of Europe for a number of years, and we wanted to celebrate and share our passion for travel, which is why we created A Toast to Travel,” said Mosallam. “We’ve personally been to the vineyards, restaurants and villas on the itinerary, so we can say with confidence that our trips provide a collective of travel opportunities that can’t be readily accessed in guide books, on tours or via online sources.  Our trips are truly unlike anything else.”

While travelling in Italy, Mosallam became close friends with the proprietors of most of the venues included on the itinerary. While other tour groups may take you to wineries or villas just outside of Florence, A Toast to Travel ventures even further, leveraging their personal relationships to share intimate, high-quality experiences that are truly off the beaten path.

“Our goal in establishing A Toast to Travel was to really extend our personal relationships with those who were interested in living well and trying a different type of group travel experience,” adds Helling. “We join each trip because we see ourselves as hosts, and we want our friends in Italy to feel like they can embrace each person who is with us as they do with Natalie and me.”  

For more information about A Toast to Travel overall and specific details about pricing and timing for both the Tuscan Wine and Culture and Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun experiences, please visit


About A Toast to Travel

Co-founded by Natalie Mosallam and John Helling, A Toast to Travel embodies the ideals of a bon vivant and aims to celebrate travel, wine, food and friends via customized, hyper-local experiences. After several years of living abroad in Europe, including Germany, France and Italy, A Toast to Travel leverages Natalie and John’s personal relationships and local language skills to share truly unique and highly curated weeklong travels throughout Tuscany. Currently offering two types of experiences – Tuscan Wine and Culture and Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun – A Toast to Travel embarks on adventure several times throughout the year. For more information, including schedules, pricing and more, please visit



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