The best trip for foodies: Truffle hunting in Italy

The best trip for foodies: Truffle hunting in Italy

My bucket list keeps growing and growing. And yes, it all seems to revolve around some experience featuring food, wine and travel. I recently added “truffle hunting in Le Marche” to my list. This, after I encountered Moreno of Le Marche Holidays.


Moreno’s company offers truffle hunting excursions where you can traipse through the woods with guides and dogs to seek out the perfect truffle. You’ll learn firsthand about truffles and their impact on the Italian economy, and also enjoy some local dishes made with these expensive delicacies. Once, while living in Milan and strolling one of the food markets, I saw black truffles offered at about 1,000 Euros for what equated to a serving size. I did not buy them. Here’s a video clip where you can walk along with Moreno on one of his recent tours.


Le Marche is located on the east coast of Italy. According to the tourism site, “The Marche sum up the whole of Italy in themselves. Sea, mountains, history, art, local traditions, spirituality, nature, typical food and wine: in the Marche you can find all the best features of Italian culture and way of life.”


When you visit Le Marche you will be struck by the beautiful landscape, the rich cultural heritage, the historic architecture and the quality of the local produce. The region’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture and the fantastic products made by local artisans. Most of these artisans work for small family businesses that have handed down skills from one generation to the next. Many still work by hand and there is relatively little mechanization.


Photo courtesy of Delicious Italy
Photo courtesy of Delicious Italy


Delicious Italy, a site dedicated to all things food and travel in Italy, shares were to get the best truffle dishes in Le Marche. The National Truffle Market takes place the last two weeks of November. The event features:

  • Foods featuring truffles
  • Demonstrations by AIS, the ‘Associazione Italiana Sommelier’, as to the best wines to accompany truffle dishes
  • Demonstrations by truffle hunting dogs

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