The travel gene: do you have it?


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If it isn’t blatantly obvious to you by now, I was born with the Wanderlust gene. Despite being an introvert (yes, I prefer sitting on my couch at home in the evening versus socializing), I’m also an explorer. Especially when it involves a great destination known for food and wine.

I think it comes from moving around so often during those formative adolescent and pre-teen years with my family. But I’m an adventurer. I love exploring new cities, new places, new people. As this article, The Wanderlust Gene: Why Some People Are Born To Travel points out, “Your hunger to explore simply cannot be quenched, no matter how many vacations or journeys you take.” That’s me to a T!

But what’s even more exciting, is that scientists have determined that there is actually a gene that propels people to travel. My husband? Not so much. But I certainly hope my children inherited this gene. After all, it’s the reason I moved them to Italy when they were 7 and 9 years old – to gain an appreciation for the great big world out there. But the article goes on further to say, “…carriers of this genetic variant might be “incredibly resourceful, pioneering, creative,” and more predisposed for wanderlust, they also might be “utterly out of control.” Based on the impulsiveness with how I book vacations, I’d say this is true.

I’m often asked about my favorite places, so I thought I’d share this:

My favorite place to kick back and drink wine: Umbria, Italy (Napa is a close second)
The city I love be in the most: Paris (I WILL live there someday)
The most beautiful city IMHO: Madrid
My dream vacation: a luxury (I mean LUXURY) resort in Hawaii.

What’s your dream vacation? What’s you favorite place to visit? Share it in the comments below.


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