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Achieving life balance

I remember several years ago when “minimalism” became somewhat of a trend, I decided to try it out with my bedroom decor. I had plain wood furniture and a plain white comforter. That was it. No decorative items, no pictures on the walls, no color. That lasted about two weeks. That’s when I learned there’s a big difference in being minimalist and being downright depressing.

But over the years, especially as my kids head off to college and the thought of downsizing begins to appeal to me, I’m slowly getting this whole minimalist movement. I’m already the anti-thesis of a hoarder because I throw out everything (much to my husband’s dismay). But I also buy a lot less. Clutter leads to chaos (I’m OCD like that – I’ll come into your house and straighten your bath towels if they’re hanging unevenly on the rack…I digress…).

So Experience Life, a great magazine by the way, recently published this article on Becoming Minimalist: 7 Thoughts on Simplifying Your Life. I love some of the ideas in this article like:

  • give gifts of time and experiences instead of things
  • living simply through your actions
  • how to de-clutter our schedules.

I used to half-jokingly not really say that my kids would write on my tombstone, “She was just always really busy.” But it was true. Things and activities are what keep us busy. The fewer of these we have, the more free time we have to enjoy ourselves.

What’s the one tip you’ve learned about simplifying your life? Share it with others in the comments below.

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