One Tribe Apparel: Thailand’s new socially-conscious fashion trend

I’m a believer in traveling for good. You know, travel that serves others whether it’s through missions, voluntourism, or simply giving back to a community that moved you. Years ago, my husband and I traveled to Grenada and our tour guide was just the best, albeit a young mother who was struggling. When I returned to the states, I packed up many of my kids baby clothes and shipped them off to her. It was a small gesture but it felt good nonetheless.

So when I heard about One Tribe Apparel, I just had to share their story. It all started with the popularity of harem pants in Thailand. I’m familiar with them because when my son traveled to Thailand, he sent me a pair and they’ve now replaced my yoga pants as my daily “outfit”, because they’re so comfortable.



Mitchell and Fai are behind the brand. As they watched guests come and go from their hostel in Thailand, they began to notice a trend in how the young travelers dressed. It was a mix of Thai and Bohemian, all inspired by the local art, music and fashion scene.

Seeing an opportunity to embrace this new fashion trend and build a community, Mitchell and Fai began partnering with local artisans to create One Tribe Apparel based on Thai-Bohemian-inspired designs. Working with the locals, they strived for a mantra of fair wages, good working conditions all in the name of supporting the communities of Chiang Mai and PAI.

Their initial products were the traditional harem pants and kimonos found in many Thai markets, but the product soon grew to yoga gear, handbags and embroidered denim shorts.

Furthering their commitment to supporting the Thai community, a portion of all sales are donated to the Elephant Nature Park  in Chiang Mai that rescues mistreated elephants and gives them a home to run free.



Women around the world are supporting One Tribe Apparel and embracing the brand. The company invited fans to share their photos on social media and today, more than 40 different countries are represented. This led One Tribe to create a first-of-its-kind international crowdsourced lookbook featuring women from six continents and 16 different countries.

One Tribe Apparel says it is a “project that’s breaking geographical barriers and uniting women around the globe with a shared passion for travel, culture, and conscious fashion.”

This is travel for good at its best! We all benefit with these fabulous Boho designs, but the local artisans and Thai communities are served as are the elephants.

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