My search for the perfect meal delivery service for my mother

My search for the perfect meal delivery service for my mother

Everything I know about cooking, I learned from my mom. (Okay, I am a bit of a Pinterest nerd too.) My fondest childhood memories are our times in the kitchen. But as my mom has gotten older, standing and cooking for long periods of time and following complicated recipes has become a bit more difficult for her. So I’ve been experimenting with different meal delivery service because I think this is a great option for seniors who don’t have the time or ability to plan, shop and prepare meals for themselves. As the holidays approach, I also think these meal delivery services are great gift ideas for aging parents, or for friends who either don’t like to or don’t know how to cook.


My goal was to find a service for my 80-year-old mother that would give her hearty, healthy meals a few times to week to save her a trip to the grocery store. It’s hard to find inspiration to cook when you’re preparing meals for just one person.

I first signed her up for a trial of Blue Apron. I know a lot of people who really like this service. I’ve tried it myself and really like the recipes. Unfortunately, this was my mom’s first experience with a meal delivery service and I should have been there to walk her through it. She was a bit overwhelmed with the chopping and prep work that needed to be done. Lesson #1: look for recipes with minimal prep work.

I decided to try some of them on my own to find one that would be a good fit for her before I sent another kit directly to her. I tried Martha + Marley Spoon and this is still one of my all-time favorites. There is minimal prep work and the recipes are a bit more elevated than basic cuisines. But getting elevated flavors means the recipes are a bit more complex, so it will require some trial and error with my mom.



Next, I tried Home Chef. I found this to be the simplest to use as the ingredients are pre-measured and pre-chopped. And each recipe comes packaged in a nice big bag which makes it easier to store in the fridge. Some services I’ve tried just send a big box of ingredients for multiple recipes which requires a bit of sorting. The Home Chef meals were simple and basic, and the portions seemed to be the perfect serving size for someone like my mother. Join Today & Get $30 Off at Home Chef!


Home Chef meal delivery service
My Home Chef meal kit


Everything pre-measured



I’ve tried a few other meal delivery service programs and some I found just too cumbersome, especially the way they were shipped. I’ve got my eye on a few others to try including some of the newer vegetarian and vegan meal delivery kits. I see that some offer smoothies as part of the service which is something I’ve had my eye on. I’m off to visit my mother for a couple of weeks and we’ll try out a couple of these new kits. So stay tuned and I’ll report back!

Have you tried any meal delivery services that you think are a great fit for an elderly parent? Let me know if the comments below.


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  • I tried Blue Apron and HelloFresh before falling in love with HomeChef. Blue Apron didn’t separate the foods into individual meals, which was frustrating for me. HelloFresh worked well for awhile but, after a huge fiasco involving their UPS shipping and the underwhelming response by HF, I chose to cancel that service. HomeChef meets all my needs and is less expensive for the three meals we select. I’m a huge fan!

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