The New Private Terminal at LAX: Can You Afford It?

Being new to LA, I’ve often wondered why I don’t see the Kardashians traipsing through the terminal dragging their luggage behind them. I know, I know. They have “people”. But why don’t I ever see them boarding planes. Oh yeah. Private jets. Alas, my stalking skills are weak.

I guess if I’m going to mingle with celebrities at the airport, I’ll have to join the new LAX Private Terminal, a newly-built private terminal that harbors celebrities, and other haveitalls, and protects them from ooglers and paparazzi. 

Members of the private suite service have their own TSA line – although I’m guessing there is no “line”. And they certainly don’t manage their own bags. Or dogs. Don’t celebrities travel everywhere with their dogs? Members are shuffled to this private waiting area while “people” take care of all the tasks. Eight people to be exact. A team of eight individuals is assigned to each member of The Private Suite to handle things like ushering them to the gated compound, driving them to their plane, escorting them onto the plane, and dealing with special requests (I’m guessing that last minute In-n-Out burger before boarding an international flight). That’s eight people per member. Eight.

Getting a membership for the private suite will set you back a pretty penny. Or 270,000 pennies to be exact. Prices for this “suite” treatment start at $2700 per group of 4 if you’re flying domestically. For International travel, it’s $3000 per group. Or you can buy an annual membership for 750,000 pennies.

LAX spent $22-million for this exclusive area, the first terminal of its kind in the U.S.  There are 13 suites with private bathrooms, televisions, drinks (California wines to be precise), massage therapists, and plenty of other perks.

As much as I travel, I could certainly get used to this style of travel (she said as she calls her CPA to see if this is a legitimate write-off).

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