Wine and Wanderlust

My juice cleanse #fail

Glass of wheatgrass on white I went pants shopping this past week and it wasn’t a pleasant experience (maybe it was the burger I ate right beforehand). It seems I’ve fallen victim to that so-called muffin top (although I really I think pants cut lower on the waist are the reason for muffin tops and not middle-age spread). Truth be told, I’ve been crazy busy, and, yes I admit it, I treat myself to comfort foods more often than I should. So I decided it was time to get back on track and kept reading about juice cleanses and thought, “how hard can that be?”.  I’m not sure if following the cleanse or cleaning the juicer six times a day was more difficult. I decided to follow this 3-Day Winter Juice Cleanse For Beginners from MindBodyGreen.  The juices really weren’t that bad and the potassium broth which was actually really good (it just needed some chicken. or meatballs)! But alas, I have to be honest. I only made it one day on my 3-day cleanse. I preach about life balance, but giving up my favorite things — my morning coffee and my evening wine (not to mention chewing) — was just too much of a sacrifice. If nothing else, my 1-day cleanse did jump start my enthusiasm to load up on veggies for a few days and eat more mindfully. I really do tend to eschew lose-10-pounds-this-week and fad diets because you can’t change behavior or create a new habit in a few days. But I’m sure this won’t be the last time I try some “get healthy quick” routine. Now what am I going to do with all these beets and carrots?

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