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Cookbook Review: More Than Meatballs

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All you have to do is look at the menu bar on my blog and you’ll know that I have a special affinity for Italy. And Italian food. I’m exceptionally lucky to have a Sicilian mother-in-law who taught me how to make authentic Italian meatballs when I first got married.

I must admit, I make a mean meatball. But it’s truly the only ball-shaped food I make. So when a new cookbook arrived, “More than Meatballs, from Arancini to Zucchini Fritters and Everything in Between” by Michele Anna Jordan, I was game. The cookbook begins with a primer that offers the secret to making perfectly textured meatballs. The author also covers fillers, binders, coatings, and useful cooking tools like a meat grinder and ice cream scoop. She then offers a rather obscure history of the meatball but it was really the recipes I wanted to get to.

We visited Sicily more than a decade ago and since then, my husband has been asking me to make Arancini. So I was thrilled to see this cookbook includes a recipe for authentic Arancini Stuffed Risotto Balls. The cookbook is really an international tour of the meatball with recipes ranging from Korean meatballs with barbecue sauce to Thai meatballs with coconut peanut sauce to traditional international recipes from Ethiopia to Kiev to Ireland’s Corned beef hash balls. There are soups with meatballs and one at the top of my list is Queso Fundido with Chorizo Meatballs, followed by Posole Rojo with Firebombs. How could you go wrong with Mexican meatballs?

If you like eating your food wrapped up in a neat little round package, this cookbook is for you. I found that of the many recipes could easily be adapted as finger foods for cocktail parties. So take off the ring bling and get rolling!

You can order the book here.

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