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About MomUncorked

I write about the things that feed my soul – family, food and travel. And wine of course. As empty nesters, my husband and I enjoy travel that exposes us to new places, new cultures and new people. I have an amazing husband, a  son who is a classical pianist with his sights set on Hollywood, a vegan daughter who is passionate about life, a crazy happy yellow lab and a cat I brought home from Italy.

My perfect afternoon? Sitting on the beach with nothing but my notebook, the sound of the waves, and a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio.

My go to recipe? Pasta. Any kind of pasta. Having lived in Italy, pasta is still my all-time favorite comfort food. Although, being a Southern girl, one of my grandmother’s casseroles runs a close second.

What I’d be doing if I weren’t a blogger? I always said I would have been a chef. But having a daughter who briefly went through culinary school, I realized I like to cook what I want and how I want so I never would have made it. Today, I’d love to live on a farm, grow my own veggies and give a home to all those homeless dogs.

My best trip ever? Napa Valley with my husband for our 20th anniversary. We’ve traveled many places in the world but this trip was extra fun because it involved wine and my husband, and it was just so laid back and relaxed.

My vacation nightmare? Our honeymoon in Hawaii. Here are the numbers: Me – 2 weeks, 5 bottles of Pepto Bismol, 3 emergency room visits. My husband – read 5 novels and went on 3 dive trips. Alone. Miserable!

What do I treasure the most? My girlfriends (they know who they are).

My greatest accomplisment in life? My kids. Hands down! I have two incredibly passionate, kind, smart, respectful kids. And my dog. She’s kind too!


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Email: beth[at]momuncorked[dot]com
See my writing portfolio atBethGraham.com

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